We LOVE Math U See

by Tiffany
(Forestburg, Tx , USA)

Product: Math U See
Subject: Math
Levels Used: Primer-Epsilon (K-5th grade)
Dates Used: 2006-2008

Likes: Math U See not only explains the process, but give the student an explanation of WHY. They learn how to do it & understand why & what they are doing.

My step-daughter came to live with us when she was in 3rd grade. She was 3 years behind in math (coming out of a public school). Within a little over a year she was completely caught up & now math is no longer even an issue.

The blocks really work & give the kids a wonderful visual of what they are doing. On the flip side of this my son started Math U See in Kindergarten & is in 2nd grade now, doing 3rd grade math. I love that Math U See encourages mastery & moves on - not spending unnecessary time on a topic the child already has mastered. Some weeks my son is able to do 2 lessons in 1 week.

For our family Math U See has helped my Math CHALLENGED child, as well as my Advanced child.

Dislikes: I really cannot think of one dislike I have for Math U See.

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