We love MUS!

by Debbie

Primer through Beta

Likes: My son really gets the concepts with this curriculum! Steve Demme has an amazing way of explaining things that just make it go "Bling!" He explains HOW to easily add 8+5, for instance, rather than just having you memorize the facts. He encourages students to say, write, and build the problems with the blocks, and then to "teach" the concept back to the teacher or somebody else. He also encourages teachers to let the student skip pages if they really get a concept, or to take weeks on the same concept if that's what it takes for the student to get it. I was teaching another student math with a different curriculum, and that student just wasn't getting it. I switched to MUS with her, and it's made a world of difference!

Dislikes: I would like to have some built-in color. My son typically gets the concepts immediately without using the blocks, so it's a very black-and-white curriculum. He still likes it, but a little color IN the book would be appreciated. However, I realize that adding color pages would make the printing price go up!

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