We love spelling power!

by Karilyn
(Minot, ND USA)

Product: Spelling Power
Subject: Spelling/Language
Levels Used: 2nd-6th grades
Dates Used: December 2007-current

Likes: We were wanting something "a little more" than what we had seen and tried for Spelling. We use the Robinson Curriculum but my husband was worried that the children just weren't getting enough.

Spelling Power is only 10 minutes a day per child (can be done while others are reading or doing other independent studies or drawing). After the initial preparation it was easy get get the ball rolling.

The book is split up by level, NOT by grade. So, if your child is "behind" or "ahead" of where another child is, they just know that they're in section D, not 3rd grade or 8th grade level, whichever they happen to be on. The child is able to work at their own pace.

Also, the older kids like to give the words to the younger kids, which can free up your time if you need to! My youngest also like to give her brother his words, and I help her to read them and understand them, which actually gives her that extra jump on learning new things!

Spelling Power is complete and covers words up through college. They use all of the "most common words" that we use in today's language.

Dislikes: It takes a little bit of work before getting things started and preparing, but after the initial time of reading through things it is easy and falls into place.

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