Weaver Curriculum and Supplements

by Chanin
(Chicago, IL, USA)

My family has been a faithful Weaver user for the past 6 years! We absolutely love the Weaver curriculum.

Unlike the textbook curriculum that we tried our first years of homeschooling, Weaver made it possible for me - the teaching mom - to teach multiple levels at the same time, all scripture-based lessons. I don't mean that we had a lesson and found an appropriate scripture for it. Each lesson begins with the Word of God and then all subject matter is studied as it relates back to the scripture.

I choose to use the Weaver along with the available Day By Day lesson planner. Each day's lesson, for grades K-6, is laid out for you with the appropriate academic subjects chosen to complement the days studies. This saves me hours of time during the lesson planning stage.

Additionally, any special resources and materials for art projects and science projects are listed at the beginning of each chapter. This way, I don't run in to days when I don't have the needed materials on hand.

The Supplement to the Weaver adds in the activities and objectives for Social Studies and Science for the Junior High and High School students. While the objectives coincide with the lower grades, the assignments are more challenging and include more research for the higher grades.

The Weaver curriculum also offers a Skills Evaluation workbook that not only serves as a scope and sequence, but also lets me assess my children's knowledge and abilities in each subject. At times, a child may be in one grade for science, but in a different grade for social studies. With the Weaver, I can simply assign him/her work in the grade that is appropriate for them, regardless of the subject.

I really can't say enough positive things about this curriculum. We have moved slowly through it when working on topics of great interest to the family and much more quickly at other times. The Weaver is a perfect fit for our family of 7 kids.

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