Weaver Interlock Pre-K/Kindergarden Program

by Stephanie
(Lincoln, Maine)

Product: Weaver Interlock
Subject: unit studies
Levels Used: Pre-k/K
Dates Used: August 2007-June 2008

Each lesson is thoroughly laid out and requires very little planning. You will need to supplement with some books, a few of which are specifically named within the curriculum. The most helpful book was The Usborne First Book of Nature and it is also used in subsequent volumes.

This program is excellent for the developing child and includes lots of fun fine and gross motor activities that relate to the lessons. The lessons follow scripture from Genesis 1 to 10. Young children are keenly interested in creation so this is a perfect approach and immerses them in the Word of God. They retain so much of what is learned.

Sometimes the fear of this curriculum not being "enough" creeps in. However, it is so flexible and easily adapted to your child's learning ability. And it's important to remember that these are fun, developmental years for young children.

Some of the activities are difficult to do in the dead of winter (the author lived in California).
Near the end of curriculum, it seems to "get lazy" and not give quite as much information and direction for the teacher. Again, easily remedied by finding a few good books on topics like the flood and dinosaurs.

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