Weaver Interlock Preschool and K program

by Lindy G
(South Africa)

Product:Weaver Interlock
Subject:Preschool Unit study
Levels Used:Preschool/ K
Dates Used: 2007/2008

Likes: The Weaver Interlock Program is a gentle 36 week preschool program, based on the Bible. Unlike other Bible programs, Weaver Curriculum Unit studies all start with Bible, and then all subjects are related to the current Bible topic. This is the starting point for Weaver curriculum, and begins an exciting study on the first ten chapters of Genesis.

When I first read about it, I could not imagine how only ten chapters of the Bible could be spread over 36 weeks, but it really is well done. Each Day of creation is studied, and sometimes, such as the 6th and 7th Day of creation, the study covers several weeks. The program includes many fun hands on learning activities, songs and finger plays. It covers Bible, Language Arts, Social studies, Arts and crafts and ideas for Physical education.

So, for example, a typical day, in Bible you would learn that God created the Moon, you would learn a memory verse, study about the moon, and then do crafts and hands on activities related to Space.

Preschool Math objectives are included. For an older child who is ready, you will only need a Phonics program. Interlock is written for 3 days of school a week, though we easily stretched it, adding Read alouds to match the theme.

Dislikes: The songs are provided on a cassette, not a cd. For my little one, the preschool Math moved too fast.

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