Weaver Interlock

by Sharon
(Leavenworth, Kansas)

Product: Weaver Interlock
Subject: pre-k and K unit study
Levels Used: both pre-K and K
Dates Used: 1998, 2000, 2005, 2008

Likes: Multi-sensory learning...meet creation studies!

This book is my all-time favorite program for little ones. While gently guiding the young child and preparing him for first grade, this program creates a base of clear bible understanding. How wonderful to have a firm knowledge of creation when you are so young!

Interlock does that by integrating language arts, science, math, music and even physical education into the study of creation up to the flood (Genesis 1-11). Becky Avery thought of things I would never have considered, even though I was a preschool teacher. Her ideas for engaging children in learning are brilliant. She knows how a young child thinks. She assumes no prior learning, so the first lessons discuss the triangle. That fits in perfectly with the lesson on God's triune nature, though.

She doesn't try to get too lofty; she explains the trinity with the analogy of an egg. Granted, the sun would be more theologically sound, but she knows what a child will understand best; kids relate to concrete facts. Mrs. Avery seemed to always understand that deeply.

Her lessons are written very simply. Planning may take an hour for each unit (not much at all). The list of supplies looks like a standard list you would make for your own home or to send your child to preschool. Only a few items are odd, but she lists which lesson will need what materials. A music tape is included in the program. The words to the songs are printed for you, too.

Everything you need for a 1-2 hour school just three days a week is there. Why only 3 days a week? Again, Mrs. Avery really understands young children. The extra time allows the child to play; a child's play is when he internalizes what he has learned. The extra two days could also be used for phonetic studies (not included) and field trips.

Dislikes: This program was originally very hands-on in nature, though it included some resource pages in the back of the lesson book. Alpha Omega bought the Interlock and added many pages from Horizons preschool. Likewise, many of the pages in the Horizons preschool program were taken from the Interlock.

This may seem like a boon to some. I just thought the program was far more sensitive to young children when it was very light on workbook pages. Now it has as much seat work as it has activities.

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