Weaver Review

by Brandy
(Ocala, Fl. USA)

Product: Weaver Curriculum
Subject: Unit Studies
Levels Used: Volume 1 (Kindergarten & 2nd Grade)
Dates Used: 2011 - Present

Likes: I really love just about everything this curriculum has to offer. It is biblical based. It makes the subjects covered exciting and fun. Very hands-on learning. We may not always do everything suggested but still get what we need to learn out of it. (which is what the creator suggests)

I recommend using all of the curriculum together. Meaning: Teaching Tips, (wonderful ideas) the Volume, Wisdom Words, Day by Day, and Pulling It Together. (test/review questions) I plan our unit by the Pulling It Together questions more so than the Day by Day planner. I use the planner for the other great ideas it suggests such as; Creative Writing, Observation Projects, Health and Safety, etc.

Dislikes: My "dislikes" aren't really dislikes but it does take time to plan. It did take me a while to come up with my own way of planning but once I figured it out it has been running much smoother. I came up with my own daily planning form and system for planning. You can just use the Day by Day planner but some of it's order just didn't make sense to me.

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