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Are you looking for a Christian homeschool curriculum?

One of the blessings of homeschooling is the ability to choose instructional materials that pass along our faith and values. The good news is, there are many wonderful Christian home school programs on the market.

Before purchasing Christian homeschool materials, decide how much religious content you want the program to contain. Some Christian curricula simply have a Bible study component added to the program. These programs may include Bible verses or the occasional Bible-focused assignment, but removing religious content would not alter the overall structure and effectiveness of the program.

Other materials are centered around Christianity and the Bible, and focus as much on teaching Christian faith as they do on teaching other information and skills. For example, a Bible-centered phonics program will rely on readers that contain information about God and Christian values, a Bible-centered history program will weave the study of Bible characters and events in with secular history, and a Bible-centered science program will approach science from a creationist perspective.

In addition to deciding what type of focus you want your curriculum to have, make sure you understand the underlying principles and doctrine behind any program you are considering, and also feel comfortable with the program's treatment of different cultures and beliefs.

Follow this link to find Christian based homeschooling resources you can use to teach your child about Christianity and the Bible.

Christian Homeschool Curriculum Publishers

Here are some links to curriculum reviews of popular Christian home school programs:

A Reason for Handwriting
A Reason for Spelling
Alpha Omega Publications
Amanda Bennett Unit Studies
Answers in Genesis
Bob Jones University Press
Christian Liberty Press
Christian Kids Explore Biology
Considering God's Creation
Drawing Basics w/Thomas Kinkade
Five in a Row
Further Up, Further In
Heart of Dakota
Heart of Wisdom
I Can Do All Things
In the Hands of a Child
Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum
Learning Adventures
Making Math Meaningful
My Father's World
Mystery of History
An Old Fashioned Education
Prairie Primer
Robinson Curriculum
Rod and Staff
Tapestry of Grace
Winter Promise

Follow this link to find more Homeschool Curriculum Reviews!

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